The first time I met Jeanette Ingold, back in the early 90’s, both of us were celebrating first books. Mine, a picture book called Elephants Aloft, consisted of approximately 40 words.

Jeanette’s, a novel called The Window, had about 40,000 words.

Despite that difference, we’ve shared millions of words in each others’ company, and I count her as one of my most cherished friends and associates. No telling how many words we’ve spoken to each other across the span of our friendship. Let’s just say a lot.

Recently, I had the good fortune of joining Jeanette on our annual retreat together and was able to lure her into the kitchen to talk about her newest young adult book, Paper Daughter.

Pay attention, because Jeanette is a wordsmith, regardless of the count.

I love Paper Daughter, as I do all of Jeanette’s books. They’re smart, savvy, and full of heart. Just like their author. My friend. Jeanette.

Calloo, callay, my homies!