Project Description

Poems from Homeroom: A Writer’s Place to Start

A collection of original poems and creative writing exercises that will inspire teens to write about their own lives.

Since the very beginnings of the human race, we’ve been gathering in circles and telling stories because beyond physical needs, one of our most basic yearnings is to express ourselves.

Recognizing this yearning, Kathi Appelt has written a series of insightful poems that strike at the heart of adolescent longing. The characters are unforgettable — whether they are a flirtatious couple passing notes in history class, a boy tenderly erasing bathroom graffiti about someone he secretly loves, or a fat girl whose name nobody remembers.

Divided into two sections — the first containing Appelt’s own transcendent poems and the second exploring how they were written and how readers can begin poems of their own — this unique book offers teen writers a place to start.

A perfect gift and an excellent classroom resource, this book opens up the world of poetry in a way that is accessible and appealing to teens.